About Us

Company Background

Emmanuel Asiedu is the founder and president of Eliakim Ceramic Tile and Marble Ltd., a registered Canadian corporation based in Ontario.

He was first trained as a mechanical engineer, in Ghana, Africa, where he attained his P. Eng degree. British and German multinational firms specializing in constructing hydro power dam relied on Emmanuel's managerial and technical skills to oversee the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment.

While these production capabilities came naturally enough to Emmanuel, it wasn't until he moved to Italy in 1980 that his life's true passion was discovered. "That's where I fell in love with the beauty of architecture. I could see first-hand the thought and creativity that went into 3,000 year old historical monuments and structures. It was here, working with marble and granite mosaics, that I learned what it means to create beauty through fine craftsmanship."

Emmanuel spent five years in Italy learning the language while honing his craft, designing mosaics for commercial and residential properties and then implementing the design by professional installation: translating form into function.

When he moved to Canada in 1985, he became a certified tile layer, and received his professional qualifications as a terrazzo, tile, and marble setter. Over the next three years Emmanuel installed tiling designs for commercial and residential structures. It was during this time that he noticed many tile designs were standard, cookie-cutter approaches; where was the creativity? The style? The flare?

"In Italy," explains Emmanuel, "you learn from the masters. You measure three times and cut once. Here the approach seemed to be to measure once, cut once. But then there's an error and they cut again and again. When I do a job I guarantee precision. I measure three times and need to cut only once."

Emmanuel's personal commitment to excellence and his creative flare was the inspiration behind the creation of Eliakim Ceramic Tile and Marble Ltd. in 1995. His specialty in tile design and years of precision tile installations in luxury establishments has made him one of the premier sought-after tile master craftsmen in Canada.

Design Craftsmanship

"Many companies tell you what you want because it's what they have on hand or what they can comfortably do. I sit down with the client and ask them what they want. I'll create the drawings and we sit together and working with their budget, we come up with a plan that works for both of us. Every job is different. We learn together."

Project Guarantees

Emmanuel conducts on-site daily crew supervision and hands-on attention to detail. "I personally pick the crew that is going to get the results the client wants. They have the skills and work ethic that guarantees the client will be very pleased when they see their design realized."

We provide free no obligation consultation and estimates.

Materials and construction are guaranteed to be free from defects for a full year because we stand behind our work.

Projects are completed on or before the agreed upon project completion date.

Our vision

Bringing beauty to life through master craftsmanship.

What others have to say about Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd.

Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd. has always performed in a professional manner, and has always worked highly and cost-effective and finishes on time. Metric Tile Ltd. highly recommends Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble for custom, commercial or housing flooring projects for ceramic or marble.
     — Marino Moscone , Metric Tile Ltd., Toronto

Martingway Developments have been working with Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd. for over seven years on our high rise residential projects. Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd. has always delivered high quality work in a timely and cost-effective manner. We would strongly recommend Eliakim Ceramic Tile & Marble Ltd. for any custom, commercial or residential projects for ceramics, marble, vinyl or self leveling installations.
     — Dean Graham, Project Manager, Martinway Developments, Toronto


I have known Emmanuel for over 20 years as a Tile and Marble installer. He has always been dependable and his workmanship to perfection; he has done all the work at my home to my satisfaction. I will gladly recommend him to anyone.
     — Joe Chircop, Retail Operations Manager, Mississauga

I am pleased to be able to recommend Eliakim Ceramic Tile and Marble Ltd. to anyone who is looking for quality tile setting at their business or home. Eliakim Tile provided us with advice on tile selection and material which helped us save a few hundred dollars. Eliakim Tiles did not shy away from making repeat visits when we had questions or wanted additional alterations. Every one of our neighbors who came to view the finished tile work commented that it looked like the work of an artist. You can never go wrong with Eliakim Tile & Marble Ltd.
     — Jasmeet Singh, Brampton, ON

After the closing date of our house, we had only two weeks to move, but there were quite a number of things we wanted changed and done before we could finally call the place a home. We wanted a cool back plash, granite counters, tiled kitchen floors and some washroom work. Not only did Eliakim Tile & Marble Ltd. listen to what we wanted and worked within our budget but Emmanuel also added his own touch for an amazing end result. My wife and I believe that the finished design is that of a master craftsman. Emmanuel focused 100% of his attention on our project. He showed up every day at the site making sure every detail is right. His work ethic was greatly appreciated which is the main reason we would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone.
     — Kofi Essoun, Mississauga, ON

We highly recommend Eliakim Ceramic and Tile Ltd., for the simple reasons we value honesty, high quality workmanship, and attention to detail. When having our stone tile backsplash done, we were truly impressed with the great effort that was put forth in achieving a truly fantastic final product. We thank Eliakim Ceramic and Tile Ltd. for making our house into a beautiful and modern home.
     — Joseph and Nadia Skrak, Milton, ON
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